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Posted on 19/02/2018

There’s no better feeling in the world than preparing to go on an adventure. Travelling abroad, witnessing new places and experiencing other cultures, is one of the most popular leisure activities of recent years. Nowadays, more people are going out of their way, looking for trips that take them to far less travelled parts of the world. Social media is opening our eyes to lesser-known destinations and suddenly Bhutan, Papua New Guinea and Djibouti are top of your ‘must see’ travel spots for 2018 and here’s why…

High up in the Himalayas, tucked away from the world, is the mountain kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutan prides itself in sustainable tourism and has passed a law that states that at least 60% of the forested area must remain forever. When visiting you must climb to the Tiger’s Nest monastery, gain wisdom from red-clothed monks and enjoy dishes filled with fresh chilli.


Papua New Guinea
With primitive rainforest, indigenous cultures and exotic wildlife Papua New Guinea is a must-see travel destination for the adventurous. Visit the Asaro village to meet the famous mudmen – warriors who traditionally covered themselves in grey mud. Take the Kokoda Track which offers 96km of trekking across mountain crests and rainforest valleys or go to picture perfect beaches on Yuo Island.

Papua New Guinea

Where? Yes, Djibouti. This tiny east African nation is nestled between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia and until recently it was relatively unknown to the tourist world. Djibouti is crammed full of weird and wonderful landscapes; everything from salt flats and limestone chimneys to crystal clear water where you can swim with Whale Sharks. It’s an activity-lover’s paradise, whether you want to hike, dive or kite surf, you’ll find it all here.


Once you have booked your ticket to one of these amazing locations, it’s time to prepare for your holiday. As these destinations are untouched, medical care can be limited. International Medical Clinic offers travel consultations which will ensure that you are prepared for your trip and have all the required vaccinations and medication you might require whilst you are away. It’s a simple check-up which should ideally be carried out 6 to 8 weeks before you travel, for more information visit the website:

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