Titan Studios By Jupiter Labs

Posted on 20/03/2019

Titan Studios by Jupiter Labs, located in the heart of vibrant Duxton, is a state-of-the-art studio facility that is set to change the face of creating music in Singapore. Whether you are a burgeoning local talent, trying to find your own sound, an established artist from the region, a touring DJ on the move or an international superstar passing through, Titan Studios by Jupiter Labs offers the perfect space to bring your ideas to live.

Respected DJ/ producer Adam Sky is one of the driving forces behind the new concept and, as a touring DJ, who often finds inspiration on the go, he is acutely aware of what is needed. Designed and built with electronic music creators in mind, Titan Studios by Jupiter Labs is fully equipped with everything you need to make sure you can finish a project on the go, or bring an inspirational idea to life while you are travelling.

While Titan Studios by Jupiter Labs is a positive addition to the Singapore scene for those artists on the road and passing through, it’s also a space where local talent can embrace their creativity and, with a selection of experienced engineers on hand, you don’t even have to have any studio experience to get the benefit. Adam Sky took us on a tour of these amazing facilities as we found out more about the Titan experience…

Titan Studios by Jupiter Labs is a custom built studio for dance music production, what was the thinking behind concentrating only on the production of electronic music?
For me personally, using traditional studios felt a bit overkill. They’re designed with a certain workflow in mind and the integration of additional gear can be a little ‘round-peg-square-hole’. When I designed Titan, I wanted to invest more into gear and instruments that helped with creativeness and less about routing between rooms and fitting in mixing desks that were duplicating what was being done ‘in the box’. Everything implemented had to more naturally support the workflow of creating dance music which often starts with a DAW. So everything you can see at Titan is designed as natural extension of ‘in the box’ production.

As a respected producer in your own right, what is your favourite thing about the new studio?
For me it’s that ability to seamlessly integrate analog and digital workflows into a production session. Everything just integrates without complication. A producer or artist should be able to come in and plug in a single interface cable to their laptop, and be instantly connected to the mixing desks, sound interfaces and all the outboard gear. Its designed so that literally a producer can come in, and be up and running in 30 seconds but still have access to a swag of interesting gear. If the producer or artist has some basic understanding of music tech, then they can get up and going without the need for an engineer.

As well as offering producers and artists the chance to work in world-class surroundings while on tour, who else are you looking to welcome to Titan?
One big thing I am super keen on is community programs. I believe the music industry is only as good as the pipeline of talent being nurtured and coming through the system. Asia has a huge population and so by statistics alone, there are bucket loads of up and coming or untapped artists out there, but unfortunately many can’t afford studio time or don’t know where to start. So we want to allocate out studio time for educating beginner artists and for those who may not be in a position to afford it.

What was the biggest challenge getting the studio to the point you have?
Probably the time taken to construct it! A lot of third-parties were involved and I didn’t estimate how serious a process it is to build the studios. We ran all the cabling and installed all the gear ourselves, but the construction, power and acoustics is specialised and there aren’t many people around who specialise.

There’s a very relaxed homely feel, although you are surrounded by some of the most innovative gear on the planet, how important was it to capture that relaxed vibe?
Fundamental. It’s obvious to say but the studios needed to be comfortable but not to the point that it made you lethargic! Good ventilation, good and purposeful lighting and furniture that is not awkward or uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. Producers, engineers and artists are going to spend long days in the facility so it goes without saying, it has to have the right ambiance and feel. You want to walk in and think “Ok, I’m in a music production studio” and you get into the mood straight away.

For those with no technical skills but a head full of ideas and a love for music, can they hire engineers with the studio to bring those ideas to fruition?
Absolutely. We have several engineers who work for our parent company, Jupiter and then a growing list of freelance engineers using the studio who are linking together with producers and artists. So whilst it’s possible to get up and running for a studio session within minutes, there are qualified engineers available.

The studio is available 24/7, what was the thinking of opening all day and night?
Nothing worse than being on a roll with a track, and being pressured to wrap up because it’s almost closing time! So yes, absolutely, we’re 24×7. As standard, bookings can start between 8am and 6pm, but artists can work around the clock once bookings are made. We are finding that artists who are using the studio are transiting through Singapore and so they often are jetlagged and their body clocks still operating on other time zones. We also have tie ups with several hotels within 1 to 5 minutes’ walk of the studio for those who are wanting to allocate out a few days at a time. Later this year we’ll turn on the automated booking system so artists and producers can book online any time of the day, and access to the facility is provided via NFC through their phones. Given also the studios were designed by producers, we also knew that producers work at unusual hours so hence the flexibility.

Titan is nestled in the cool area of Duxton Road, surrounded by shophouses, in what is one of Singapore’s most vibrant districts, how important was it to find the location and what does that bring?
I absolutely love this part of Singapore. The area has got that early-Singapore heritage vibe, but surrounded with some amazing bars and restaurants. Duxton is also the home of a lot of similar media, film and entertainment companies so it’s a bit of an epicentre for media & entertainment. We could have gone further out and had larger facilities space, but I think you’d lose some of that vibe. As I said earlier, the mood and the vibe is important so every contributing part contributes to the experience. Duxton is also on the tail of a major freeway from Changi and so I know from my own experience that I’ve landed, and then within 30 minutes, been in the studio.

You have a state-of-the-art sound booth with some very exciting technology, tells us about its capability…
I realised after using a few studios myself, there are a lot of limitations with traditional approaches to vocal tracking and recording, when you consider how producers and artists are so mobile nowadays. We essentially combine analogue recording but give the vocalist the ability to control their entire in-ear mix using some cool digital sound technology, as well as offering the capability to link our studio with other studios around the world for multi-studio engineering and tracking. We invested in a scalable and robust local network which is multi-homed and super low latency, and each studio has AVB interfaces.

You have a strong roster of talent on the Jupiter label, what does a facility like this do for their potential?
It’s an enormous value-add to them. Jupiter prides itself in offering a number of unique capabilities in how we manage our artists and what we offer to them. Having our own engineers plus a studio facility such as Titan, gives us a platform where we can focus on developing an artist’s sound without limitations.

How do people make a booking?
Easiest way at the moment is to drop us a an email to bookings@titanstudios.sg!

e: bookings@titanstudios.sg
w: www.titanstudios.sg

TITAN Studios, Duxton Hill Singapore from Joanna Cockle on Vimeo.