Talking Your Language At Kult Kafe

Posted on 01/07/2019

Kult Kafe is not a place you need an excuse to visit, the charming destination is already a favourite of ours with its laid back vibe, great selection of cold beers and amazing soundtrack, it’s easy to lose a few hours. Kult Kafe, however, offers a multitude of gatherings that capture the imagination, and none more so that recently announced Thursday regular Mundo Lingo, the most interesting and enjoyable way to brush up on a second or third language!

Mundo Lingo is not a new concept, it already happens across 30 cities across the globe, encouraging people to learn new languages while meeting like-minded people in a networking, social environment. The concept is easy, there are stick on flags from over 100 countries, placing your native country at the top followed by the flags of your other languages in order of ability, you can engage in conversation and get that much needed practice that will see your skills evolve. The bonus is you are having fun, meeting new people and helping them with their language skills while you do so!

For those of you not anywhere near fluent in other languages but keen to improve, Mundo Lingo is open to all levels. Your native language could be one that many people want to learn so, even those with very little other language skills, you are going to play an integral part in the night and get your skills improving at the same time. The event will take place every Thursday at Kult Kafe, from 7pm, rain or shine. There is no cover charge and there’s also a happy hour between 7–8pm to get things started, with $2 off all alcoholic beverages. Kult Kafe is on Emily Hill, not far from Wilkie Edge or Little India MRT. What better way id there to brush up on or learn another language than in conversation with like-minded people in a social environment. Mundo Lingo has already proved a huge success globally, now you can enjoy this unique gathering every Thursday at Kult Kafe.

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