Singapore has consciously made a huge amount of sporting activity available to everyone that lives in the island-state. The belief that providing world class, well run facilities, increasing opportunity, has successfully led to locals and ex-pats embracing a more recreational and wellness lifestyle. A huge investment has been and continues to be made, with countless swimming pool complexes, stadiums, indoor sports halls, tennis centres, futsal centres, squash centres, hockey centres and netball courts as well as over 80 school fields, 50 free to play school facilities and over 60 sports halls, to encourage kids to get involved in sports from an early age. Add the countless private gymnasiums that have opened, all offering a series of classes as well as the actual gymnasium, bringing people together, offering a unique community vibe and a competitive environment in which to push yourself to increase your own level of fitness.

The Singapore Sports Hub is a state of the art, fully integrated sports, entertainment and lifestyle hub that incorporates the national stadium, indoor stadium, the OCBC arena and aquatic centre, the water sports centre, Singapore Sports Museum, sports hub library and the Kallang wave mall. It offers a hub for all sorts of sporting activity, from watching a competitive match to getting involved in some sports activity you might have never dreamt of trying! Check out the museum and the library for something a little more challenging for the brain than the muscles or chill out and enjoy one of the numerous food places after you exertions. No matter what sport you want to attempt, there is an option to be found. Head to any one of the golf driving ranges and you will find each bay occupied as men, women, boys and girls try and improve their game. The multi-pitch futsal venues are another hub of activity, involving boys and girls, honing their skills in friendly or league matches every night of the week. Go for a jog after the sun has gone down and join a host of others out treading the paths and promenades with the goal of getting or staying fit. Singaporeans like to get outdoors at every opportunity, making for a fantastic keep fit culture.

The city is also a popular destination for huge sporting events, with the Ladies ATP Tour finals, the Pro golf tour and the Formula 1 night race amongst some of the amazing events that take place annually. Add the arrival of the Rugby Sevens tournament, countless professional football matches at the national stadium, the regatta and numerous high profile road and cycle races and there is something for everyone on the sports front.