On The Beach

Singapore is the ultimate destination for tourists that love to stretch out on a golden sandy beach and enjoy a hot temperature but also like to enjoy the benefits of visiting a big city. With a bustling metropolis to keep you shopping throughout your stay as well as numerous amazing attractions to take up your time, it takes an expert planner to find time for the beach but, when you do, there are a number of amazing places to choose from. Whether you want to relax and unwind with a fresh cocktail on a comfortable lounger while the cool soundtrack washes over you, enjoy a long lunch overlooking the beach or something a little more lively, in the shape of an afternoon party that eases into night, Singapore has a vibrant beach club scene that has something for everyone. With a year round climate that demands beach wear and flip flops, even when during the rainy season, there are ample opportunities to stretch out on the beach and soak up the sun.