Museums and Galleries

Singapore is a bustling metropolis, rich in cultural heritage but also with a distinct plan for where it is going. It has become one of the world’s premier destinations, and is an attractive proposition for professionals looking to relocate. As a vibrant city it has a unique appreciation of history and art and offers countless opportunities for locals and visitors to keep informed about both. On the historical front, there are many museums dotted around the city that offer a window into a sometimes-turbulent past and document the rise of the island-state to the prominent position that it currently holds throughout the rest of the world. The Asian Civilisations Museum forms part of the four museums in Singapore, which also includes National Museum of Singapore, Peranakan Museum at Old Tao nan School and the Singapore Art Museum. From an art perspective, Singapore is home to many cool independent galleries and supports new talent from within and without the city. Singapore Art Museum gives a comprehensive insight and the Red Dot Museum offers something a little more intimate. As a thriving city full of professional people, the arts is something that Singapore supports wholeheartedly, offering its culturally diverse population a varied choice on how to spend its free time. We have outlined some of the museums and galleries that should be on your bucket list when you are in and around Singapore.