Essential Asia

While we want to concentrate on bringing you as much information about Singapore as possible, giving you the inside scoop on all of its amazing experiences, we are also aware of the development of the region as a whole. We will bring you some of the best bits from around Asia and hopefully keep you informed, should you decide to take a trip outside of the Lion City. There are countless options throughout Asia, offering everything from a deserted beach to a vibrant city, all within a few hours flying from Singapore.

Indonesia is a popular retreat for Singaporeans, with Bali topping the list of destinations. The island has a spirituality about it that makes it an attractive spot for a break, either a long weekend or something more substantial. The island offers countless breathtaking beaches, as well as some stunning landscapes and beautiful temples. Closer to home check out Bintan or Batam, a short ferry ride away, they offer a relaxing beach option. Consider too Lombok or the nearby Gilli islands, some fantastic unspoiled scenery is to be found and will help you relax and put the city behind you for a few days.

Thailand is another hand destination from Singapore, for something relaxing and tranquil, Phuket or Koh Samui are favourites, for something surreal and crazy, Bangkok is the obvious choice. The Thai’s are friendly welcoming people and some of the facilities and experiences waiting for you will live with you forever. From a reflective visit to a Thai temple, to a picture postcard beach scene where you are the only person on a stretch of white sand, the turquoise waters stretching before you or the heart of downtown Bangkok, as alive as anywhere on the planet.

One of the more accessible destinations is Malaysia, take the causeway and drop into Johor Bahru (JB) where great shopping and eating is to be found. You can drive or take a taxi or bus. Legoland is not far away either, if you are looking for something to entertain the kids. Kuala Lumpur offers a vibrant city alternative for those that like to be surrounded by throngs of people and feel the beating heart of a huge metropolis. Take a one hour flight from Singapore and land in Langkawi, where you will find some of the most beautiful beaches.

Singapore is a hub for the region so getting to any part of it is not difficult. Other destinations that engage the imagination include China, where Shanghai and Beijing are the most obvious choices but Macau has evolved in recent years to become Asia’s Las Vegas and attracts a huge amount of travellers annually. Vietnam offers a step back in time, take a boat along the Mekong Delta or visit Ho Chi Minh City and travel back in time to the war years, a particular highlight for historians. Singapore is an amazing place to visit or stay but you would be doing yourself an injustice not to look beyond its borders and do some exploring, there are plenty adventures to be had.