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Posted on 28/02/2016

We’ve all been there, either at a popular new bar, the club or even a festival, where we spend more time trying to get served at the bar than actually enjoying our night. If only there was a way to get the drinks in and pay without the drama of trying to get the bar tenders attention. The good news is that there is, instead of waiting, all you have to do now is WAAVE, a cashless social mobile wallet that is already available at a number of forward thinking venues in Singapore as well as being rolled out around the world. No more having to shout above the person next to you to get served, no more open tabs behind the bar, you order a d pay from the app and top up your wallet credits like you would your link card! We caught up with Silvana Carpanelli-Hayes, the big brain and driving force behind the app…

What is WAAVE?
WAAVE is a Social Mobile Wallet. It is the fastest way to buy a beer at events and the app to get better service at venues. It is social because it allows you to share gifts and money with friends whether they are in the same bar or across the globe.

How do people get involved?
The app is on Google Play and the App store and it is free to download. Registration takes a few taps and you all you need to do is top up your WAAVE wallet with credits that you can spend at any of our partner venues. You top up your wallet just like you would link a card to your favourite taxi app.

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What are the positives of a cash free payment system?
That is something best answered by our users. The first thing they say is that it is convenient. You never forget your card at the bar, you pay exactly for what you order, no tab mix ups no picking up the check for friends who forget to leave cash when they leave…
It gives you a seamless way to split bills as you can do peer-to-peer credit transfers on the spot! But the main thing is that you no longer wait to pay, when you are ready to go there is no waiting for the check!

More and more people now trust making online payments, how important is timing in the launch of your cashless app?
Apps like UBER opened the door here in Singapore. Mainly cause they made solutions available, options we didn’t have before. So timing is important, but we work hard on that consumer trust every day with every transaction they make on WAAVE. From kebabs at lunch in the CBD when they only have 30 minutes and they need to avoid the queue, to drinks at night on Club St. when they unwind after a busy day. We remove the hassle out of their daily transactions. Our users are comfortable loading up hundreds of dollars in WAAVE credits because we give them many options to spend that credit and cause we save them money. Ordering with WAAVE is more economic than ordering off the menu.

How secure is WAAVE?
Very. We have many behind the scene procedures to make sure our users are protected. The reason why we use a top up system is because it helps us protect them.
We process payments with Braintree they pretty much set the standards in the industry, so we never save any financial information.

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What makes Singapore the perfect destination to launch WAAVE?
Singapore is tech saavy and we have been using top up systems for a long time now. I also think that there is a need in the F&B sector for solutions to the shortage of staff. WAAVE is the first user- driven solution for this issue.

What venues are supporting WAAVE already and how are they finding it?
We have 30 venues live all over the city. Circular Rd, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Club St, Duxton Hill, Keong Saik you name it we are there! We have 25 more venues coming onboard in the next few months and more and more event organisers are opting for our cashless solution. We will be the only alternative to tokens at the upcoming CRAFT Singapore event.

List of WAAVE Venues
The Public House | Molly Malone | Mogambo | Hero’s | Draft & Craft | Roll Up | BQ Bar | Dharma’s Kebab | Gong | Meat and Green | Bull and Bear | Drinks & Co. | Drinks & Co. Kitchen | Bartini | The Bucket List Bar | Sabio | The Annex | The Butchers Club Burger | Kult Kafe | Valle | 31 Bar & Kitchen | Ricciotti | Gem Bar | Pluck | Manor Bar | Zui Hong Lou | The Bank | SideShow productions | OUTCAST | Craft Singapore 2016


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