POPSUEY Pop Up Returns

Posted on 09/06/2017

Chopsuey Café announces the return of its popular pop-up, POPSUEY, for the fourth time to Ann Siang Road. The latest pop up adventure from the stylish watering hole takes place on Friday June 16 and sees a collision of East and West with a series of Asian-inspired tipples, small plates and Dim Sum entice you through the red door!

Popsuey 02

There’s something very exciting about the pop-up concept, it’s almost as if you were doing something you’re not supposed to. Add the secret entrance through a red door located off Ann Siang Road, in the heart of Singapore’s Heritage district and the imagination starts to run wild. Enter thoughts of prohibition and the speakeasies of Chicago and suddenly that start-of-the-weekend tipple becomes something completely different. Once you find the red door and enter, you will find yourself transported to an intimate attic space with striking views of the Singapore skyline.

Popsuey 03

POPSUEY has already converted drinkers into super spies for the night on three previous occasions so its pedigree is not in doubt. Friday June 16 is the latest opportunity to get involved and with a carefully curated drinks menu awaiting, promising fine wines, creative cocktails and elixirs served on the rocks with spirit of choice such as the Energy with espresso, coconut sugar, cacao and cayenne pepper or the Detox with beetroot, apple, celery stalk and parsley leaves. add an array of appetising small plates such as the Chargrilled Octopus with a vibrant chili and lime dip, Suckling Pig Sliders with crisped mantou buns and a selection of steamed and fried Dim Sum will deliver bold flavours in a unique setting with sweeping views of Singapore’s city skyline. Talented local DJ Sivanesh will deliver a soulful house soundtrack to complement proceedings. All you have to do is find the red door!