It Will All End In Beers On LeVeL33

Posted on 31/07/2018

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scene at LeVeL33, the world’s highest urban microbrewery, to produce its delicious range of craft beers? Now you don’t have to, join Brewmaster Gabriel Garcia on the first Saturday of every month when he will give you a 30-minute guide on how he uses the eight tonne, state-of-the-art microbrewery system, made up of two unique copper kettles and 12 tanks – to produce all of your favourite craft beers. Here at Essential HQ, we have been known to sink a craft beer or two upon an evening, so when the lovely team at LeVeL33 invited us to join one of the tours, we jumped at the chance.

Saturday afternoon in Singapore and we are on our way to the heart of the financial district, to Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower One to be exact, home to the world’s highest and, in our opinion, coolest, urban microbrewery. The first thing that hits you when you come out of the lift – that whisks you from ground to the 33rd floor in seconds – is the line of stainless steel tanks, where each craft beer comes to life. It’s a striking introduction to the stylish elevated concept but, as you make your way into the heart of the venue, it’s the first glimpse of that iconic panoramic view that will take your breath away! The two giant copper kettles, the brain of the microbrewing system, designed especially for LeVeL33 by one of Europe’s oldest manufacturers, SALM & Co Gmbh, sit proudly behind the bar, as a working centre-piece. The obvious question is, how did they get those huge tanks into the venue? With great difficulty, Gabriel informs us. They had to have special cranes lift them in and had to take the specially cut glass windows out to facilitate it. We thank them for their effort, it was all worth it!

Gabriel Garcia is the Brewmaster and someone who might be even more passionate about beer than we are. I said, might! He gives us a short but very informative overview of how each of the LeVeL33 craft beers is brought to life, from the initial process in the kettles through to the inner workings of the tanks. It’s a meticulous, scientific operation with lashings of love added to make sure each craft beer arrives at your table in perfect form. Beer lovers, this is a must for you, to discover the journey that is taken, resulting in that crisp, cold, golden libation arriving at your table will give you a new found appreciation for your favourite tipple and is great fun in the process. After our schooling, which actually passes really quickly, thanks to the articulate delivery from Brewmaster Gabriel, it’s time to sample the beers. LeVeL33 boasts a selection of beers available all year round – Blond Lager, India Pale Ale, Stout, Wheat Beer and House Porter – as well as creating four seasonal beers that are available until the taps run dry.

We sampled the Blond, the IPA, the Stout and the Wheat beer as well as the seasonal Session Pale Ale. They all have an individual taste, meaning there is pretty much something for everyone. From the golden Blond, with hints of fruit to the hop-heavy India Pale Ale, which was designed to preserve the quality of the beer on the long journey to the English troops fighting in India and the Stout, full bodied and smooth with a sweet roasty after taste. If your idea of the perfect after work libation is a refreshing cold one, straight from the tap, then this tour is a must. It’s informative, it’s interesting, it’s fun and, best of all, there is a paddle of beers waiting for you at the end. The tour costs $58++ per person, lasts 30-minutes and is available on the first Saturday of the month.You require a minimum of six guests per tour and a maximum of 15 so start rounding up your mates.

While you’re rallying your troops for the tour, the fast approaching National Day celebrations offer another excuse, as if one was ever needed, to sample the warm hospitality and spectacular view of LeVeL33. There are two dining options available for those who appreciate great food, fantastic beers and the best vantage point for both rehearsals and firework displays. The Singapore Platter, which runs until August 9 is LeVeL33’s interpretation of some Singapore favourites and is priced at $53++, the platter is perfect for sharing between three. National Day itself sees the return of Chef’s Selection of local delights. The sharing menu includes Hiramasa Kingfish cured with sweet ginger dressing, Pandan oil and served raw, Chilli Crab Linguine, Grilled Black Angus Intercostal with sambal sauce, Raw & Smoked Heirloom Tomatoes Burrata, Garden Green Salad and end the meal with rich Coconut Panna Cotta specially made using beer & malt granita and mangosteen. This delicious platter can be enjoyed at just $65++ per person. What could be better that the best seat in the house for the celebration and a mouth-watering menu to boot?

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