i Light Singapore Celebrates Bicentennial

Posted on 16/02/2019

If you have been out and about in Singapore since the end of January, chances are you might have spotted one of the fantastic installations that forms the bicentennial edition of the i-Light Singapore festival. The festival has been running since January 28 but the good news, for those that haven’t had the pleasure yet, is that it will continue until February 24, so you still have some time. With 33 sustainable light installations and five programming hubs, it’s an exciting experience for all of the family.

First held in 2010, I Light Singapore showcases artists from Singapore as well as around the world, giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent in the public domain. Designed with energy saving or environmentally friendly materials, the installations offer festival goers an insight into the beauty of the creative mind as well as encouraging everyone to adopt sustainable habits in their daily lives. With plenty of fringe activities also available for visitors to enjoy, they add a vibrancy to the streets of central Singapore.

If you want to explore on foot, there are several points of note to check out, including the Most Walk at Marina Bay lower boardwalk, and by boat, check out Bayfront South jetty landing point, the Helix, Jubilee, Anderson, Cavanagh and Elgin bridges, as well as Clarke Quay central jetty landing point. If you prefer something more organised there are a couple of tour options. The I Light Singapore Hybrid Tour, taking place between Friday and Sunday, from 7.30 – 9pm, at S$30 per person (max 40 pax per session). Alternatively, the Walking Tour taking place on Thursdays and Sundays at $10 (Thursday)/ $12 (Sunday), (from 4 – 20 pax maximum). No matter how you take in the spectacular sights of the i Light Singapore festival, it’s well worth the trip. The installations are amazing, they light up the city at night, giving you the perfect chance for a unique Insta snap, not to mentuon a chance to witness some of the most creative talent on the planet and understand the benefits of adopting a more sustainable approach to your own daily life.

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