Haenyeo Singapore At The Fullerton

Posted on 04/10/2017

October 28 until November 23 sees Singapore-based, French photographer Brittany Jose Jeuland hold his first ehhibition in the East Garden Foyer of the Fullerton Hotel, titled HAENYEO SINGAPORE, it features a collection of portraits of the Haenyeo, the women divers of South Korean province Jeju, with each portrait telling a story of the hardships that these women face on a daily basis.

Haenyeo 004

The Haenyeo can be found on the South Korean province of Jeju, female divers whose diving tradition dates as far back as 434 A.D. By the 17th century, with all of the men out fishing or manning war ships, diving became a profession exclusively held by women. Using no breathing apparatus, only flippers and goggles, the women would sweep the sea floor for abalones, conches and octopuses. Over time, the Heanyeo took the helm as head of the household as Jenju formed a semi-matriarchal society.

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The divers were previously unheard of outside of Korea, until they were indicted into UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List in December 2016. Nowadays, with more women choosing a corporate path, the profession is slowly fading away. The life of the Haenyeo is a perilous one, often treading a fine line between life and death. Brittany Jose Jeuland has captured the raw emotion and human fragility through his photographs, as well as the incredible mental and physical strength of these women. Jeuland has captured the essence of this traditional discipline through his lens, and the snapshots of these incredible women who put their life on the line every time they dive. The HAENYEO SINGAPORE gives you the opportunity to discover the traditional craft as the free exhibition runs from October 28 until November 23.

More Info:
October 28 – November 23
The Fullerton Hotel
Free Admission

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