Grassroots Pantry Ready For Spring

Posted on 06/03/2018

Grassroots Pantry, Hong Kong’s popular plant-based dining destination has introduced a selection of new Spring dishes offering its discerning diners a sophisticated plant-based protein alternative. The eatery has never been slow to push parameters since it first opened in 2012, the new additions to its menu are the result of exhaustive research and testing from owner/ chef Peggy Chan and include an innovative interpretation of traditionally meat-based dishes.

Under the guidance of Peggy Chan, Grassroots Pantry has remained dedicated to the use of unprocessed, sustainable, organic and locally produced plant-based ingredients. The new menu additions remain true to this philosophy, while offering a rage of mouth-watering options for all those that enter. The Farmer’s harvest soup delivers a farm to table dish that utilises ripe and unused produce for farms, ensuring zero waste. This will change weekly and work closely with the farms to maintain its integrity.

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Other highlights of the menu include the Dragon Maki roll, as the restaurant prepares for the arrival of warmer weather. The sushi roll consists of familiar fillings, including jicama-cauliflower rice, soft-shelled eggplant, purple cabbage, chia seed tobbiko, cashew unagi, avocado, cucumber and Sriracha cashew mayo. The Tomato Poke takes mock meat to another level, resembling the consistency of maguro tuna, giving sushi lovers a very tasty treat, served with seasonal legumes, avocado, seaweed and edamame tahini mousse, with kombu steamed brown rice and a sesame-ginger dressing.

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It’s not just the mains that have been given a boost by the new arrivals, sweet tooth diners can look forward to a selection of new desserts, including the Grassroots Pantry debut if the profiterole, using rice flour, almond pastry cream, raw cacao sauce and strawberry compote to great effect! The Cardamom brown rice pudding is also set to offer a sweet temptation. The restaurant is much more, however, than a place to expand your gastronomic experience, the space also acts as a hub for workshops and community activities, promoting wellness and environmental awareness. It plays a prominent role in its community.

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