foodpanda Presents First Bite Pop-Up

Posted on 14/11/2017

If, like us, you are partial to ordering a food delivery more than once a week, you will already be aware of a change that has taken place at foodpanda HQ. The rebranding sees a more vibrant pink logo occupy your favourites page and the experience when ordering offers more filters to make it easier to find and order your favourite foods. To celebrate the rebrand, foodpanda is hosting First Bite Pop-Up on Thursday November 16 from 5.00pm for media only and from 5.30pm for the general public until 9.00pm at Hopheads.

Food Panda 002

When it comes to food delivery, foodpanda adopts a personal philosophy, believing that it is not just about an eating experience, it’s about the emotion you feel with every bite of your food. Knowing great food and where to find it is just the start of the journey for foodpanda and the First Bite Pop-Up sees the popular delivery concept partner with some of the hottest chefs in the city – including chefs from Guzman Y Gomez, Pizza Express, Kinara and Wing Zone culminating in sweet treats from Krispy Kreme. Representing a broad spectrum of cuisines; from Mexico to Italy and Thailand to India, each chef has been challenged to draw on unique flavours to deliver creative dishes that captivate from that first bite! Iconic whisky brand Monkey Shoulder will complement these delicious dishes with a range of bespoke cocktails.


First Bite Pop-Up is free to enter and open to all, just head to Hopheads on Thursday November 16 from 5.30pm (178 Clemenceau Avenue; #B1-00 Haw Par Glass Tower). Expect a lively atmosphere, immersive visual displays and bold pairings between the fantastic dishes and delightful cocktails. It promises to be a multi-sensory experience as foodpanda showcases its dedication to innovation, moving beyond taste and incorporating sight, sound and smell, exploring how all of these senses can impact on how we taste. A sound booth from Logitech will show the effect of sound on taste while an immersive visual display will demonstrate sight’s integral role when it comes to flavour. Finally check out the scent laboratory, which, when paired with sweet treats, will reveal the role that scent can play with our taste buds. Informative, fun and fulfilling, foodpanda’s First Bite Pop is open to all and free to enter!

First Bite Pop-UP
Thursday November 16
5.30 – 9.30pm
Hopshead Bar

Food Panda 003