Foodpanda Delivers Stress Relieving Lunch

Posted on 05/07/2017

You know the feeling; you’ve woken up late, you got out of bed the wrong side and whatever could go wrong on your commute did. You spend the morning chasing your tail and getting nothing done and lunch time arrives. You’re frustrated, stressed and hungry, what do you do? Simple, you call Foodpanda and take advantage of its special partnership with California Pizza Kitchen and Vaniday (CBD District only) and claim your free head and shoulder massage with your food order, leaving you refreshed and well fed for the rest of the day!

The special collaboration takes place on Tuesday July 11 between 11am and 3pm, for one day only, giving you a unique opportunity to turn your lunch break into a mini-spa experience. To activate the offer, it couldn’t be easier; when you order lunch from California Pizza Kitchen between 11am and 3pm you have the choice of adding a head and shoulder massage to your basket for free. Having placed the order, the Vaniday team will be in touch to update you on the progress of your masseuse who will arrive at your destination to deliver the head and shoulder massage, taking away all of those annoying office stresses.

Vaniday Massage (1)

Foodpanda is determined to look after the hard working men and women throughout the CBD offices, offering free delivery from over 2,000 outlets for two weeks in July. From Hawker centres to fried chicken restaurants, gourmet café’s to curry houses, Foodpanda’s free delivery offer will cater to every taste. Keep your eyes peeled for a group of Pandas patrolling CBD over the next three weeks handing out ‘Fines’ ($15 vouchers on Foodpanda’s website or app). California Pizza Kitchen originally opened in Beverley Hills 1985, combining a passion for food with fresh, high quality ingredients to create innovative hearth based pizzas, including the original BBQ chicken, Thai Chicken and Jamaican Jerk Chicken, all cooked in an open kitchen. Vaniday offers its clientele a relaxing beauty and wellness experience, all bookings accessible through an app on its website for extra convenience.


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