Carlsberg Launches Smooth Draught Can In Singapore

Posted on 19/07/2017

There’s nothing better to cool you down and quench the thirst than a cool draft lager, however, it’s not always possible to grab a pint and sometimes the cans of beer just don’t measure up to what you taste at the bar. Carlsberg, the brand that has the habit of creating the perfect occasion has accepted this challenge and the result is Carlsberg Smooth Draught Can, now you can take the bar with you wherever you go! The pilsner is 4.8% alcohol and costs SGD 16.40 for a six pack.

Carlsberg Smooth 002

Carlsberg Smooth Draught has been created especially for the Asian market, currently exclusively available in Singapore and Malaysia but there are plans to make it available to another 140 markets around the world. However, we have a chance to sample the brand new invention before the rest of the world and why not? Where else does a cold beer in the afternoon make more sense? With beer aficionados in this part of the world in mind, Carlsberg has dedicated much research and time into the innovation required to perfectly capture the smoothness of freshly tapped beer.

Carlsberg Smooth 003

How have they achieved this magnificent breakthrough I hear you ask? Strap yourself in, here comes the science. The Carlsberg Smooth Draught undergoes double the maturation time of normal processed beer to attain the signature smooth texture and is double hopped – once at room temperature and the second when it’s cold. This helps achieve an aromatic smell and the tang of tapped beer. It’s light yellow in colour and boasts a consistent foam that enables controlled gassiness, making it one of the smoothest beers in the world, bit don’t take our word for it, it is now available at selected supermarkets.

Carlsberg Smooth 004
Carlsberg Smooth 005