AIR Festival Moves To Bali

Posted on 06/02/2018

As celebrated Air Festival gets set to celebrate its fourth anniversary this year, it has announced that it will move to Bali, between March 30 and April 1, at La Brisa, Canggu. The two stage gathering has established itself as one of the foremost collections of visionaries, musicians, artists and dancers in the region and, to celebrate its new location, it has assembled a huge array of talent, including Blond:ish, Martha Von Strateen, Fred P, Bas Ibellini and Peak & Swift, to name just a few.

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Air Festival offers a wide range of musical experiences, incorporating every shade of house music across the three-day, two-stage event. Whether you prefer a deeper journey, a harder techno trip or bass driven afro house vibe, there is literally something for everyone. Cutting edge music is very much the undercurrent of the event that has made its mark on the region on the back of three fantastic previous gatherings on Gili Air. 2018 sees the festival relocate to Bali’s fabled Echo Beach, where the full line-up boats some of the most talented artists in the region, as well as a few international guests – Blond:ish, Martha Von Strateen, Estray, Makam, Fred P, Rampa, Boris Werner, Ata, Art Alfie, Mimi Love, Bas Ibellini, KMLN, Peak & Swift, Jonathan Kusuma, Esther Silex, Dave Dinger, Walker Barnard, Tiago Oudman, Sylvie Forêt, Dr. Kessler, Ricardo Who, Archie, Trigan Young, Dr. Yez Kai and Kusasi.

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Echo Beach boasts some of the most beautiful scenery on an island blessed with spectacular panoramic views. In La Brisa, Air Festival has found a venue that shares its sustainable ethos. Built from reclaimed wood from 500 old fisherman boats and stylishly decorated, it exudes Balinese character. Sylvie Forêt, founder of Air Festival says “We are really excited for the Bali Edition of the Air Festival. The move to Bali not only makes it more accessible, but the new location is a pretty gorgeous setting. It’s not Gili Air, but it’s got another kind of energy that’s equally powerful. Set on a beach within a sustainable venue pushing for the same high standards we are.” Originally founded in 2015, by a group of friends determined to focus on sustainability and organic growth, Air Festival has become one of the most anticipated dates on the calendar. Proud of how lightly it treads, it has been plastic free since 2017 and plans to leave Bali cleaner than it found it.

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